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You started a business to succeed, not deal with legal issues.

Based in Denver, Colorado, B&T Legal Legal Group is a boutique law firm specializing in legal business issues.

We can handle your legal transaction challenges so you can focus on moving your business forward.

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Denver Business Lawyer Serving Colorado

We offer legal guidance to Colorado businesses

B&T Legal Group is your dedicated ally for navigating the legal landscape of businesses in Denver, CO.

Our firm is committed to steering clients clear of potential pitfalls in the dynamic business world. With an unwavering focus on business law, our seasoned attorneys bring comprehensive knowledge and practical experience to address the unique challenges local businesses face in Colorado.

Led by Ryan Clement, our legal team stands out for its proactive approach—anticipating legal hurdles, providing timely advice, and ensuring your small business is well-equipped for success, from formation to expansion or dissolution.

We Handle the Legal Business so You Can Focus on Growth

As your business grows, legal considerations can often become roadblocks that slow progress and momentum. We understand the friction this can cause, so we make it our priority too.

Transparent Pricing

Clear pricing, no surprises—gain peace of mind with our Transparent Legal Fees

Experienced Business Attorney

Specifically representing startups and companies to provide tailored legal guidance that aligns with your growth goals.

Complete Solution

A one-stop legal solution for Colorado businesses, addressing a full spectrum of challenges owners may face.

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We know your matter is important and we’d be happy to help.

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Tailored Legal Services for SMBs & Corporations

We offer a range of legal services crafted to suit the specific needs of startups to mid-size corporations.

Business Formation & Incorporation
Business Contracts
Employee Policies
Business Exit Strategy
Sales or Purchases
Business Disputes & Lawsuits

This covers formally establishing your business as a legal entity, like an LLC or corporation. It means selecting and filing the right structure and paperwork for your needs.

Proper setup limits personal liability and allows funding, employees, and more. We also provide ongoing legal maintenance - drafting operating agreements, compliance, adding investors, and flexibility for the future.

We legally create and maintain your business.

This covers reviewing, negotiating, and drafting customized contracts and legal agreements critical to small businesses.

It includes vendor, customer, supplier, independent contractor, lease, licensing, and partnership agreements.

We help structure terms favorably, navigate complex issues, and ensure an understanding of obligations, rights, and responsibilities before signing.

The goal is to balance risk management with operational flexibility for your business through legally binding contractual rights and duties.

Employee policies cover guidelines like work schedules, codes of conduct, anti-discrimination protections, and performance expectations.

We help businesses draft clear, compliant handbooks outlining workplace rights and responsibilities for both company and staff.

This creates mutual understanding and protects against litigation. Reviews ensure policies follow the latest labor laws and meet your needs.

Exit strategy involves preparing to leave your business through retirement, selling to a third party, or transferring to family members.

This covers succession planning, valuation, structuring buyouts, negotiating terms, navigating tax implications, and completing legal transfer of ownership and control.

Proper strategy lets you leave your business smoothly when the time comes.

We guide businesses through sales and acquisition transactions.

This includes due diligence, negotiation assistance, deal structuring, contract drafting, pricing analysis, navigating tax and regulatory issues, and legal asset/stock ownership transfer after closing deals.

Our goal is favorable terms with lowered risks when buying or selling.

We represent companies in disputes and lawsuits impacting operations.

This includes breach of contract claims, partnership fallouts, vendor conflicts, employment issues, intellectual property infringements, or liability concerns.

We aim to resolve issues favorably through negotiation, mediation, or filing motions in court when needed to defend your interests.

The goal is a quick, affordable resolution with minimized disruption.