Denver Outside General Counsel Services for Colorado

Searching for on-demand legal guidance in Colorado without the typical lawyer price tag?

You’re not alone.

Many entrepreneurs and companies wonder: How do we get legal advice to protect our businesses without incurring extravagant legal fees?

The answer is with outside general counsel services.

Adequate attorney services are a common roadblock – but not an impossible one.

B&T Legal Group of Denver offers an alternative – all the strategic counsel of an expert corporate law firm without the inflated costs by switching to external general attorneys for your business.

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Outside General Counsel Lawyers in Denver

Our Denver firm provides flexible outside general counsel services tailored to all types of company sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. We become an invested member of your leadership team focused on your growth, not just billable hours.

Whether you require litigation support on employment matters, guidance on expansion financing, IP protection services, or contract and compliance oversight, we deliver actionable counsel at the speed of business.

The best part is that we do it all through transparent pricing models scaled to evolve cost-effectively as you grow.

The bottom line?

As your outside general counsel, you can minimize red tape and barriers that stand in the way of taking your company to the next level.

Outside General Counsel Services
Minimize Business Disruption

Labor & Employment

Our outside counsel swiftly handles employee conflicts without derailing daily operations.

Regulation & Compliance

We cut through complex compliance regulations so you can stay focused on business growth.

Risk Management

On-demand counsel identifies risks early so you can avoid expensive legal fire drills.

No Cost

We know your matter is important and we are happy to help.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation about your startup.

Services Our Outside General Counsel Attorneys Provide

Entity Selection
Name Availability
Drafting Formation Documents
Filing and Registration
Operating Agreements and Bylaws
Tax Considerations
Liability Protection
Partnership and Shareholder Agreements

We help individuals choose the most suitable business structure for their needs. This can include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, and more.

We consider liability protection, taxation, management structure, and future growth plans.

We assist in selecting a unique business name that is not already used by another entity.

We also guide clients through registering the chosen name with the appropriate authorities.

We draft the necessary legal documents to establish the chosen business entity. For example, this could include drafting articles of organization for an LLC, articles of incorporation for a corporation, or partnership agreements for partnerships.

We ensure that all required formation documents are properly filed with the appropriate state or local government agencies. This may involve submitting paperwork to the Secretary of State’s office or other relevant regulatory bodies.

For entities like LLCs and corporations, we draft operating agreements (for LLCs) and bylaws (for corporations).

These documents outline the internal operations, management structure, decision-making processes, and rights of the owners or shareholders.

We provide guidance on the tax implications of different business structures and assist clients in understanding their tax obligations at the federal, state, and local levels.

We explain the liability protections different business structures offer and help clients understand how to separate personal assets from business liabilities.

For businesses with multiple owners, we draft partnership agreements (for partnerships) or shareholder agreements (for corporations).

These agreements outline each owner's rights, responsibilities, and decision-making processes.