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Seeking strategic guidance securing sensitive data? Eager to have an expert legal partner well-versed in cybersecurity compliance and litigation?

At B&T Legal Group, we specialize in helping corporations master data rights and privacy regulations, prepare for breaches, and implement governance policies that minimize risk.

For years, we’ve assisted companies in developing comprehensive cybersecurity strategies tailored to their industry and needs.

data privacy and cyber security lawyer in denver colorado

Colorado Data Rights Lawyer in Denver

With constantly shifting laws and advanced persistent threats, protecting critical data can easily slip through the cracks despite best efforts. But B&T Legal Group has the experience to provide clarity amid chaos.

Our attorneys, led by Ryan Clement, have handled data privacy breaches, privacy enforcement actions, IT deals, insurance disputes, and more.

Our Denver firm advises and aids in data rights disputes.

Contact B&T Legal Group when you need more than advice – comprehensive legal solutions to streamline cybersecurity governance and compliance. With our guidance informing your data strategies, you can approach privacy requirements and data threats with confidence rather than concern.

Discover what many Fortune 500 corporations already know – B&T Legal Group offers the strategic legal support you need to stay ahead in today’s landscape.

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Data Rights & Cyber Security Legal Services Provided

Privacy Compliance
Data Use Agreements
Data Ownership and Licensing
Data Security
Data Sharing and Transfer
Consent and Opt-Out Mechanisms
Employee Data
International Data Transfers
Dispute Resolution
Technology Contracts
Advising on Data Monetization
Data Audits

We can help our clients understand and comply with privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other data protection laws. We ensure that data collection, processing, and storage practices align with legal requirements.

We can draft and review data use agreements, which outline the terms and conditions under which data can be collected, processed, shared, and used. This may involve contracts between data controllers and processors.

We advise clients on data ownership and licensing issues, helping them establish ownership rights and determine how different parties can use data.

We help clients implement data security measures to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access, breaches, and cyberattacks.

We assist with developing data security policies and responding to data breaches.

We advise on the legal implications of sharing and transferring data with third parties, including vendors, partners, and customers.

We help draft data-sharing agreements that protect the interests of all parties involved.

We can assist in creating informed consent mechanisms and opt-out procedures to ensure that individuals have control over the use of their data.

Guiding how businesses can collect, use, and manage employee data in compliance with labor and privacy laws.

We help clients navigate the complexities of transferring data across international borders, ensuring compliance with cross-border data transfer regulations.

If disputes arise over data rights, privacy violations, or breaches, we can represent clients in dispute resolution processes.

We review and negotiate technology-related contracts, such as software licenses, cloud services agreements, and data processing agreements.

For businesses seeking to monetize data, we can provide advice on creating revenue streams while adhering to legal and ethical standards.

We can conduct audits to assess a company’s data practices, identify risks, and recommend compliance measures.