Small Business Lawyer in Denver

Has searching online for a small business lawyer left you feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to turn? Do worries about expensive fees make you hesitate to contact just anyone?

At B&T Legal Group, we get it. Running a business is tough enough without struggling to find an attorney you can trust. Led by Ryan Clement, our firm was started to give Denver small business owners like you clarity, affordability, and responsiveness in legal services tailored specifically to small business owners like you.

With 20+ years of advising Colorado entrepreneurs, B&T Legal Group has seen it all. We know your frustrations and how to help – no fancy law-speak is needed.

Just real-world guidance at rates that make sense from legal counsel who becomes a partner.

Sound fair?

Reach out to B&T Legal Group for a no-cost consultation today.

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Run a Colorado Small Business Without All the Legal Headache

Launching a business or LLC in Denver often feels like you need a law degree to figure everything out!

Choosing the right corporate structure, filing the correct formation documents, crafting operating agreements that protect you, and staying current on local compliance regulations—it’s downright confusing and frustrating for busy entrepreneurs and owners.

That’s why we’re here to help make sense of it all.

If you need any of the following, we can help:

We clarify complicated legal matters with plain explanations so you can focus on managing and growing your business. Our assistance allows you to direct your time toward running a business rather than attempting to decode complex laws and regulations yourself.

B&T Legal stays current on the latest compliance laws and regulations so you can confidently manage a successful business.

What to Expect from B&T Legal Group

Transparent Fees - Not Surprise Bills

We use upfront, pricing for each of our legal services, so there are no hidden costs or surprise bills. Our billing model incentivizes swift, affordable solutions to your case.

Gain Clarity and Guidance

We cut through legal jargon to offer clear guidance tailored to helping you make the right decisions ethically and legally. Our advice provides the clarity you need to operate successfully.

Personalized Partnership of a Small Firm

We prioritize your business success with responsive legal support when urgent issues arise. Our lawyers swiftly address time-sensitive disputes before they escalate.

No Cost

We know your matter is important and we’d be happy to help.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation about your business.

We look forward to working with you.

Legal Services Provided for Small Businesses

Business formation
Contracts & Agreements
Intellectual Property
Employment issues and HR guidance
Mergers & Acquisitions
Business Expansion
Exit Strategy Support
Business disputes & Lawsuits

Business Formation & Incorporation covers formally establishing your business as a legal entity, like an LLC or corporation. It means selecting and filing the right structure and paperwork for your needs.

Proper setup limits personal liability and allows funding, employees, and more. We also provide ongoing legal maintenance—drafting operating agreements, compliance, adding investors, and flexibility for the future.

Contracts & Agreements include reviewing, negotiating, and drafting customized contracts and legal agreements critical to small businesses.

It includes vendor, customer, supplier, independent contractor, lease, licensing, and partnership agreements.

We help structure terms favorably, navigate complex issues, and ensure an understanding of obligations, rights, and responsibilities before signing.

The goal is to balance your business's risk management with operational flexibility through legally binding contractual rights and duties.

Intellectual Property involves legally protecting your company's innovations and brands. Services include securing trademarks and copyrights to establish ownership rights over creations like your logo, proprietary technology, software, writing, or inventions.

We also assist with trade secrets, licensing guidance, terms of use policies, and IP infringement issues when others violate your protected property.

Our goal is to leverage these exclusive assets to maximize business value.

Guidance on employing staff legally and resolving workplace conflicts.

Includes hiring best practices, preventing discrimination claims or wrongful termination, properly classifying workers, managing leave policies, and ensuring workplace safety obligations are met to avoid issues.

The goal is to prevent and resolve employee problems.

We assist with buying, selling, or combining companies. Services include valuation, due diligence, deal structuring, purchase agreement drafting, navigating tax and regulatory implications, negotiating favorable terms, and guiding legal business entity transition.

Reducing risks and maximizing business transactions and transformation opportunities.

Guidance on legally expanding your business smoothly.

This includes selecting optimal growth structure and timeline, financing strategy, establishing new locations, hiring additional staff, entering new markets or verticals, onboarding investors/partners, intellectual property considerations, local contracts, and compliance obligations.

The goal is sustainable growth on proper legal foundations.

Exit strategy involves preparing to leave your business through retirement, selling to a third party, or transferring to family members.

This covers succession planning, valuation, structuring buyouts, negotiating terms, navigating tax implications, and completing legal transfer of ownership and control.

Proper strategy lets you leave your business smoothly when the time comes.

We represent companies in disputes and lawsuits impacting operations.

This includes breach of contract claims, partnership fallouts, vendor conflicts, employment issues, intellectual property infringements, or liability concerns.

We aim to resolve issues favorably through negotiation, mediation, or filing motions in court when needed to defend your interests.

The goal is a quick, affordable resolution with minimized disruption.