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We are technology lawyers based out of Denver, Colorado, who deeply understand legal and technological concepts, connecting both fields.

Our team at B&T Legal specializes in software agreements, SaaS licensing, and digital innovation, acting as a link between complex contracts, trademarks, cutting-edge technology, and business success.

We’re not just tech lawyers; we’re your strategic partners in the dynamic realm of technology with transparent fees. 

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Colorado SaaS Lawyer in Denver

We are here to help you figure out the legal side of running a SaaS company in Denver, CO.

We are committed to guiding you through the dynamic world of SaaS enterprises.

Specializing in software licensing, our seasoned attorneys bring comprehensive knowledge and practical experience to address unique challenges faced by businesses of all sizes in Colorado.

Under the leadership of Ryan Clement, our team excels with a proactive approach—anticipating legal hurdles, providing timely advice, and ensuring your SaaS business is well-equipped for success, from formation to expansion or dissolution.

We understand cost plays an important role in SaaS, and that’s why we emphasize a transparent billing structure.

You can trust clear and straightforward pricing, ensuring you understand the costs associated with our SaaS legal services.

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Count on our top tech law talent for real-deal advice that moves your business forward.

Focused Technology Developments

Lean on our tech field experience to hammer out customized strategies that get real-world results.

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We stay one step ahead on the legal side of things, tailoring our advice specifically to your distinctive software needs.

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Why Colorado SaaS Companies Choose Us

Navigating Technological Legal Challenges

How We Help

We Simplfy Legalities of SaaS

We break down complex SaaS legal terms, making it simpler for you to navigate through legal documents.

Timely Legal Support

Tech clients need swift legal help; delays are a major concern for SaaS company.

Transparent Billing

Offering cost transparency by simplifying legal elements: contracts, licensing, IP, & data security.

Tech & SaaS Legal Services Provided

Tech Startups
Open Source Compliance
Software as a Service Agreements
Technology Transactions
Domain Names and Online Presence
Technology Export Control

We provide legal assistance to technology startups, helping them navigate issues such as intellectual property ownership, fundraising, and regulatory compliance.

We advise clients on compliance with open-source licenses, ensuring that open-source software components are used following their respective licenses.

We help businesses create SaaS agreements that detail the terms of providing software services over the Internet, addressing issues such as data security, uptime guarantees, and customer support.

We handle technology transactions, such as software acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures, ensuring that software-related assets are correctly valued and transferred.

We provide legal advice on domain name registration, management, and online branding.

We advise compliance with export control regulations when software is being exported to other countries.