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Facing steep corporate legal challenges leaving you feeling stranded? Not sure where to begin when facing a mountain of corporate legal issues?

You’re not alone.

Our diverse local executives regularly feel overwhelmed when legal complexities or compliance worries arise. Where do you turn for expertise tailored to niche industries while breaking down topics?

Luckily, the corporate attorneys at B&T Legal Group are the ideal partners to navigate these situations.

Our attorneys have decades of specialized experience advising Colorado companies on business entity formation, corporate contract disputes, merger negotiations, and more.

We become a seasoned extension of your executive team, immersed in the latest legal issues impacting firms across many verticals. This tailored expertise lets us directly address your most pressing needs.

Our priority?

Offering concrete guidance on priorities from growth initiatives to risk management using proven legal and business acumen while providing your legal options in plain language.

If you seek corporate counsel well-versed in both legal code and pragmatism, contact B&T Legal for a zero-cost consultation.

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Trusted Legal Partners for Denver Corporations

Rising compliance worries can leave executives feeling alone in safeguarding the company. You shouldn’t have to handle complex corporate issues on your own.

For over 20 years, we have guided organizations on important business milestones like forming entities, securing growth financing, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and more. We do this by blending precise legal expertise with business practicality.

Our business attorneys closely track shifting regulatory and economic dynamics affecting local companies. This allows properly tailoring legal counsel as business priorities pivot and companies overcome new obstacles.

Consider us an extension of your executive team, able to flag risks proactively relative to Colorado while making complex regulations understandable.

Why Our Corporate Legal Services Are the Right Fit

Our Strategic Legal Approach

Legal Complexity Explained Simply

We effectively explain complex laws in clear terms that can easily be understood. We thoroughly answer all your questions and tailor communication styles to suit your preferences.

Proven Corporate Experience You Can Trust

Our decades of relevant business law expertise lead to a deep understanding of complex legal processes. This allows us to provide skilled guidance.

Mitigating Risk From Day One

Hiring competent counsel prevents expensive civil litigation, fines, & disruptions. We proactively spot areas of corporate compliance, liability, & weakness for early correction, preventing headaches later.

No Cost

We know your matter is important and we are happy to help.

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Corporate Legal Services Provided

Entity Formation & Structuring
Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Contracts & Agreements
Employment & Labor Law
General Corporate Employment Matters
Intellectual Property
Executive Management Legal Counsel
HR Compliance

Forming a legal business entity is crucial to defining ownership, limiting liability, and establishing operations.

Key options corporations explore include incorporation to form a C-corp or S-corp, creating Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), forming partnerships, sole proprietor single-owner structures, and joint ventures with strategic allies.

Our attorneys advise on optimal formations for your goals and obligations. We incorporate supportive operating agreements addressing ownership splits, control, profit allocations, and more.

Learn more about business formations.

Mergers and acquisitions fuel business growth through combinations with existing players. Our attorneys structure optimal deals favoring your priorities after thorough financial and legal examinations (due diligence).

We handle sensitive purchase negotiations to fairly value both entities, planning post-merger integrations that maximize synergies.

With experience across countless industries, we creatively facilitate advantageous mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and more using strategic deal frameworks.

Accessing capital allows growth and strategic flexibility. Our corporate finance attorneys represent companies pursuing equity or debt offerings, whether venture capital, private equity, or other investors. We structure such transactions, optimizing results for your priorities while ensuring compliance.

Experts at IPO preparation and execution, we negotiate customized credit facilities and commercial lending packages tailored to capital needs.

When raising funds, count on seasoned legal counsel familiar with the latest trends across diverse industries.

Corporate governance establishes internal controls and oversight to align with fiduciary duties. When directing company strategies, we advise boards on configurations to provide a balanced representation of all owners’ interests.

Counseling obligations across shareholders’ rights, executive compensation, and regulatory compliance, we optimize governance efficiency without overreach.

Skilled at structuring committees, implementing bylaws, and guiding policies to surpass Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 standards efficiently.

Legally sound contracts establish relationships while limiting future liability. Our attorneys draft optimized agreements for your business priorities across diverse pacts - supply, sales, services, licensing, franchising, or distribution deals.

We structure royalty arrangements facilitating IP monetization while attracting talent with customized executive employment contracts.

Skilled negotiators, we review third-party contracts to remedy onerous terms, enhance protections, and maximize flexibility for evolving firms.

Click here to learn more about contracts & agreements.

Employees fuel companies and introduce HR compliance obligations around safety, equality, and care.

Our employment attorneys guide executives on compensating talent per evolving industry benchmarks while structuring in-demand benefits packages. We implement affirmative action plans preventing discrimination lawsuits and handle union negotiations tactfully should they arise.

Skilled at smoothly executing reductions in force (RIFs) and mass layoffs when needed, we update employee handbooks/policies to surpass legal standards without overreach.

An empowered workforce requires hiring the right talent through compliant recruiting and onboarding protocols we can establish.

We draft optimized employment contracts and advise on legally sound terminations. Experts at strategically restructuring teams or implementing employee stock programs, our goal is balancing talent investments optimally amid flux.

Whether you’re expanding or executing layoffs, rely on us to guide transitions while respecting regulations. We empower executives to lead work forces adaptable to ever-changing business needs.

Safeguarding intangible assets like IP enables businesses to reap the full benefits of their innovations and ideas.

Our IP attorneys provide pragmatic guidance on proactive strategies aligned with corporate priorities regarding copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

We draft confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements and non-compete clauses with enforceable but reasonable protections.

Staying on top of evolving cybersecurity standards, we structure agreements grounded in the latest legal precedents so creative businesses can focus on trailblazing safely.

Senior talent requires specialized legal support.

Our attorneys advise on competitive executive compensation models and standardized benefits plans that attract and retain C-suite leaders. We structure CEO, CFO, and other executive contracts, optimizing control provisions for smooth leadership transitions.

As experts at succession planning, we implement enforceable severance packages while preventing excess change of control scenarios.

Contact us for pragmatic guidance on empowering executive decision-making authority within agreements grounded in shareholder interests.

HR infrastructure requires legal oversight to empower work forces compliantly. We guide executives on affirmative action plans, furthering diversity aims without overreach.

Conducting ongoing audits and investigations, we adjust policies dynamically to foster inclusive cultures with clear anti-harassment protocols.

Attentive to proper employee classification, we establish standards aligned to regulations distinguishing between employee and contractor roles.