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You’ve invested time, money, and passion into developing a meaningful portfolio. Yet without the right legal guidance safeguarding those innovations, that effort could be at risk.

We understand the headaches of securing IP protections—the lawyers charging outrageous rates to give confusing legal jargon with little connection to your business goals.

Or perhaps lawyers are dabbling in IP law as an afterthought, without true specialty expertise, unable to communicate complex concepts understandably.

After years of helping Colorado inventors and entrepreneurs navigate this landscape, we intimately understand these common frustrations. That’s why our Denver firm was founded—to provide reliable IP counsel grounded in genuinely comprehending your needs at fair pricing.

We make informed strategy simple by taking the time to clarify legal implications using everyday language. We prioritize integrating protections seamlessly into pushing your organization forward, not just doing administrative work.

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Comprehensive Intellectual Property Protection

We draft, review, negotiate, and advise upon state and federal IP laws at B&T Legal.
Distribution Agreements
Licensing Agreements
Licensing Derivative
Work-For-Hire Agreements
Non-disclosure Agreements
Non-competition Agreements
Confidentiality Agreements
Investigate Copyright Infringement
Investigating Trademark Infringement
Filing Claims Against Infringers
File Registration
Register Copyrights
Trademark Registration
Extending Trademarks
Negotiating Trademark Settlements

Customized distribution agreements are key when selling and delivering your products or intellectual property to end-users.

We draft optimized contracts governing relationships with online platforms, retailers, resellers, and other distribution channels tailored to your business model and risk tolerance.

By hammering out details like exclusive territories, payment terms, and termination conditions upfront, we help increase sales through distribution channels while preventing future disputes.

We're always available to amend agreements as your distribution needs change.

We negotiate and draft licensing contracts, allowing clients to leverage intellectual property like trademarks or copyrights legally.

By optimizing terms around royalties, exclusivity, territory, and scope, we help ease the monetization of your IP while avoiding infringement.

We help secure permissions to create and distribute content derived from an existing copyrighted work. We handle licensing IP-protected material for translation, film adaptation, or merchandise production, negotiating favorable terms for clients.

We structure contracts classifying works created by independent contractors, freelancers, or agency talent as property of the hiring business under "work made for hire" copyright provisions.

By defining these formal commissioned work arrangements regarding rights transfers and compensation upfront, our agreements provide legal clarity around who owns the resulting intellectual property developed by external teams or individuals on your behalf.

This prevents messy disputes later over creative works core to your business.

We draft customized confidentiality contracts outlining proprietary information, trade secrets, or inventions that recipients must keep private.

By determining restricted uses, rights, and liability for breaches upfront, our non-disclosure agreements protect sensitive intellectual property shared with potential partners, investors, or contractors.

We help clients restrict employees or partners from working for direct competitors or starting competing ventures for a set period post-employment.

By negotiating reasonable geographic and time boundaries, definitions of conflicts, and consequences of violations in these contracts, our non-competition agreements balance safeguarding your business interests without overly burdening workers.

This allows you to share trade secrets and intellectual property to further company goals without immediate risk.

We craft legally sound agreements tailored to your unique needs.

We draft customized contracts outlining sensitive company information, trade secrets, or inventions that must remain private by recipients.

By clearly defining confidential material, use restrictions, rights, and liability upfront, our air-tight confidentiality agreements provide an extra layer of protection for your intellectual property when interacting with potential partners, investors, contractors, or employees.

This gives you peace of mind to share details necessary to further your business goals without putting sensitive IP at risk.

We thoroughly examine the unauthorized use of exclusive intellectual property rights in creative works or inventions. Leveraging cutting-edge techniques, our team can identify illegal copying, distribution, derivative works, or public performances.

We then evaluate evidence and viability of legal claims, providing straightforward advice to clients on best-pursuing recourse.

By handling the intensive fact-finding, documentation, and preliminary legal analysis around copyright violations, we empower innovators to enforce protections from repeat offenders.

We thoroughly examine unauthorized use of registered trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, or other brand assets.

Our team identifies potentially infringing marks in commerce, online, social media, and elsewhere that could cause customer confusion. We then analyze and document evidence to evaluate legal claims against repeat offenders violating your intellectual property.

When trademark rights are violated, we formally draft and submit demands to halt unauthorized use. Cases and desist letters may suffice for minor, first-time offenses by smaller entities.

In cases of willful or large-scale infringement, we can file lawsuits seeking injunctions and claiming monetary damages in court. Our strategic approach is tailored to enforce your brand protections cost-effectively.

We handle completing and submitting all necessary applications to formally register trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property with government agencies. Our team maintains the latest administrative rules and nuances across registration procedures.

By efficiently preparing air-tight paperwork, communicating with examiners, and facilitating approvals, we secure official IP protections so you can focus on business goals while we handle bureaucratic hurdles.

We facilitate completing applications and securing registrations for original creative works with the U.S. Copyright Office.

By compiling necessary publication details, filing paperwork digitally or by mail, communicating with examiners, and fulfilling any other administrative requirements efficiently, we make the registration process smooth for busy creators and organizations.

Registering provides legal benefits like establishing prima facie validity, eligibility for statutory damages, and a public record of your copyright claim if infringements arise later.

We facilitate completing applications and securing registrations that officially mark your brand assets as legally protected intellectual property with the USPTO.

By compiling and identifying details about logos, slogans, package designs, and other marks, preparing accurate paperwork, and communicating with trademark examiners, we make the registration process smooth so you can focus on customers.

Trademark rights must be renewed as specified by initial registration terms. We calendar critical deadlines for renewals and handle all documentation necessary to formally extend your trademark or service mark rights seamlessly.

By managing required fees and paperwork, we ensure your source-identifying brand assets retain registered status and protections from infringement.

When trademark infringement issues arise, we seek to negotiate agreeable terms ending unauthorized use or other disputes outside court through settlements. This avoids costly trials and delays getting violations to stop.