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Franchise law can be intimidating and confusing. You want an attorney who actually understands your business and is in your corner, right?

Look no further than franchise law specialist Ryan Clement. With 20+ years steering Colorado franchises, Ryan has the expertise to simplify issues around agreements, disputes, terminations, and more while saving you money.

Let our experienced franchise law firm make your life easier, whether starting a new franchise or managing an existing one. B&T Legal offers personalized services for navigating any franchise legal situation.

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Franchise Disputes Solved

Struggling with a complex franchise dispute? Our legal team of franchise pros guides businesses to faster, cheaper resolutions. 

Bringing decades of specialized experience to creatively resolve franchise conflicts outside court, we identify mutually beneficial settlements to end issues like contract disagreements or competitor disputes conclusively. 

Whether needing strategic guidance on key decisions or help to tackle any frustrating franchise dispute, contact B&T Legal Group. 

Quit losing time and money on draining conflicts – call today to connect with legal experts focused on protecting your franchise interests.

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Our attorneys actively fight for your franchise interests, negotiating optimal outcomes in disputes.

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Our dedicated franchise lawyers deliver tailored legal strategies without outrageous fees, so you get specialized counsel that aligns with your budget.

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Our lawyers level the playing field, standing up to large franchisors on your behalf so you can confidently build your business.

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Comprehensive Franchise Assistance

We draft, review, negotiate, and advise upon state and federal franchise laws at B&T Legal.

Buying a Franchise
Real Estate and Leases
Breach of Contract
Termination and Non-Renewal
Franchisee Associations
Selling a Franchise
Purchasing a franchise is complicated. We guide you through the process from start to finish, reviewing all documents and contracts to ensure you understand what you're signing up for. We help you make an informed decision before committing.

Choosing the right franchise location and negotiating favorable lease terms is key.

We help identify profitable locations for your business and review leases to limit liability risks, allowing you to focus on operations rather than legalities.

When franchise agreements are violated, we intervene quickly to protect your interests before situations spiral.

B&T Legal sorts out ambiguities and pursues resolution, whether lapses are accidental or intentional. With businesses built on contracts, early legal guidance keeps relationships intact.

Ending franchise relationships is legally complex, whether through sale, termination, or non-renewal.

Our Colorado attorneys guide you through the intricacies to resolve matters smoothly so you can move forward.

We know how to terminate agreements while avoiding future liability strategically.

Forming a franchisee association fosters strength and cooperation among franchisees.

Our Denver legal team helps build these collaborative structures, establishing open communication channels to benefit all members through unified planning and protections.

Keeping relationships smooth and productive avoids conflicts down the road.

Selling a franchise involves many legal details - from the sales contract and transfer terms to protecting yourself after the sale.

Our Denver, Colorado, attorneys manage the entire process from start to finish, so you don't have to sort through the complexity alone.

We review the sales agreement to limit liability, negotiate optimal deal terms, handle all paperwork, and give advice beyond the sale to ensure a smooth transition.

With us guiding the franchise sale, you can feel confident in the transaction and focus on what's next.

Our franchise lawyers handle the intricacies seamlessly while keeping you in a loop through the entire process.