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Are you concerned that a competitor could copy the brand name you meticulously crafted or steal the software code you painstakingly developed?

As an entrepreneur, protecting your intellectual property is key, yet the complex legal processes and high hourly rates of trademark attorneys may give you pause.

B&T Legal eliminates those barriers through affordable, fixed-fee trademark filings tailored to safeguard your software innovations, product names, logos, and other original assets at this important point, whether you’re a startup or an early-stage company.

Our experienced attorneys clearly outline exactly which straightforward trademark protections you need so you can stop stressing over whether your IP is secured.

Contact us for a no-cost consultation and find out if your idea is protected properly.

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Worry-Free Trademark Counseling Tailored to Emerging Businesses

As a boutique trademark legal firm based in Denver, we cater specifically to the needs of entrepreneurs, startups, software companies, and small and midsize businesses.

Many early-stage companies and business owners struggle to understand if their original names, logos, slogans, and other branding elements can be protected through trademarks.

We clarify the process of registering trademarks straight forwardly, without confusing legal jargon.

For entrepreneurs and startups, we create customized filing strategies focused on their budget constraints so they can feel at ease securing trademarks.

We help software companies clearly scope trademark services to cover innovative code names, UIs, and new technologies appropriately to avoid infringement claims.

For all our clients, we outline exactly which trademark registrations would provide strong legal grounds to stop copycats so they can build market differentiation protected through law.

With fixed flat rates for our filings, you get transparency into costs from start to finish.

No surprise hourly bills and unforeseen charges.

Our tiered subscription packages also provide incredible value, especially for early-stage companies expecting rapid growth and acquisitions.

Why Our Trademark Legal Services Are the Right Fit

Our Strategic Legal Approach

Simple. Clear. Transparent

We make trademark filing straightforward by clarifying the legal process regarding timeframes and costs. We provide the relevant guidance needed for clarity without complexity.

Legally Lock Down Ideas

We swiftly secure federal or state trademarks on those light bulb moments so you can progress confidently without worry of copycats or imitation.

Budget-Friendly Trademark Protection

Our fixed flat rates won't break the bank so you can invest smartly. We also offer simple trademark subscriptions that grow with your business.

No Cost

We know your matter is important and we are happy to help.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation about your business.

Trademark Legal Services Provided

Searching whether a potential trademark is already in use or registered with the USPTO is critical for avoiding future issues. We conduct comprehensive availability searches to determine if proposed names, logos, or branding ideas can be protected trademarks or if they conflict with existing marks.

Our attorneys evaluate search results to provide straightforward guidance on risks, likelihood of confusion objections, and registration feasibility.

We help clients understand the next steps so they can choose to brand confidently, knowing pitfalls and probabilities.

We handle the entire application process for federally registering trademarks with the USPTO or within Colorado.

We secure official protections for client names, logos, and slogans by filing the necessary paperwork and forms. We directly address roadblocks like office actions, walk clients through the next steps if revisions are needed, and clearly outline timeframes and costs.

Registration establishes legal ownership, and we emphasize properly using the ® symbol to put others on notice. Our attorneys also counsel on maintaining trademarks long-term through renewals.

After registration, we provide ongoing monitoring services to watch for new applications or existing marks that could potentially conflict with our client’s trademarks over time.

By identifying overlaps early and assessing if there are true infringement threats or risks of confusion, we counsel clients on appropriate response actions.

Our expertise lies in keeping a finger on the legal pulse long after filings to catch any impacts of evolving brand landscapes.

We issue official cease and desist orders to infringing parties improperly utilizing our clients’ protected trademarks, logos, or brand names.

This enforces legal exclusivity rights.

For persistent violators, we explore the next steps, like negotiating cooperative agreements or filing lawsuits to compel the stopping of unauthorized use.

We emphasize resolution while demonstrating a willingness to defend trademarks.

We fully handle required use audits and periodic renewal filings to maintain active trademark registrations long-term. By managing key deadlines for proof of ongoing utilization and keeping fees & paperwork current, we ensure clients’ trademarks remain legally valid & protected. We make the systemized process turnkey so our clients can carry on business as usual without worrying about unintentional abandonment or lapsing of their trademark rights from overlooked renewals or missed usage requirements.


We provide legal expertise around licensing registered trademarks to third parties. This includes negotiating/drafting agreements permitting other entities to use your trademark on approved products or in certain regions while retaining full ownership. We ensure strict quality control and enforcement provisions are incorporated while aligning royalties & terms to business goals. 

Licenses expand brand reach while eliminating infringement confusion. We make the process strategically feasible so clients can focus on big-picture objectives as their trademark flourishes through cooperative relationships.

We facilitate the secured acquisition of third-party trademarks strategically valuable to client goals, whether absorbing brands through mergers or directly purchasing coveted marks. This expands growth opportunities through owning established trademarks without investing years building distinction. 

We handle valuations and negotiations to optimize deal-making while integrating smoothly into existing branding. The technical process and barriers posed in acquiring others’ legally protected assets and associated goodwill are mastered through our extensive experience.