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software licensing and compliance

Software Licensing & Compliance Success

B&T Legal assisted a software company in navigating complex licensing agreements and open-source compliance requirements. By carefully reviewing the software's components, they identified potential risks and developed strategies to ensure compliance with various open-source licenses. As a result, the company successfully launched its product without legal disputes, protecting its intellectual property and fostering positive relationships with the open-source community.
tele-medicine legal framework

Telemedicine Legal Framework

Business and Technology Legal Group assisted a healthcare technology company in developing a legal framework for their telemedicine platform. This included ensuring compliance with healthcare privacy laws, telehealth regulations, and state-specific requirements. The legal framework enabled the company to provide remote medical services while maintaining patient privacy and adhering to regulatory standards.
technology partnership agreement

Technology Partnership Agreement

B&T Legal facilitated a partnership between two technology companies specializing in complementary services. They negotiated and drafted a comprehensive technology partnership agreement that outlined roles, responsibilities, revenue sharing, and intellectual property ownership. The strategic partner agreement paved the way for a successful collaboration that expanded both companies' client bases and market reach.

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